Shoe Care

  • Our vegan range is machine washable - cold wash only.
  • Cork insoles may be wiped with a cotton cloth and alcohol (vodka works well) creating an inhospitable environment for bacteria.
  • Soles are retreadable with rubber gristle, available worldwide at any good shoe repairer.
  • Insoles are detachable and can be replaced. Request an extra pair with your purchase if you are hard on your feet.


All footwear carry a one year global guarantee on construction. 

In the event of a factory fault, Grandt Mason will incur the cost of the repair. If the shoe cannot be repaired we will replace it with a new pair, including shipping costs.


Our uppers are made from top quality fabrics, upholsteries and veg tan leather. We utilize local materials where possible and always consider the impact of our materials on the environment. All uppers are coated with an industrial grade upholstery protector which we bake into the upper making them water resistant and stain proof.

Our lining is 100% cotton making it breathable and bio-degradable

We have developed a method of construction which negates the use of silicone and plastic heat set stiffeners (utilized in the majority of modern footwear construction). 

Instead we stitch structure into our footwear using the structural integrity of the materials used and the way we combine them. 

The result is a shoe which breathes far better, is more biodegradable and moulds very quickly to shape of the foot.

For the insole we use a combination of memory foam and pure cork or Veg tan leather. Both the cork and leather have incredible anti-bacterial qualities and allow the foot to breath.
The midsole is out of woven hardboard - a strong, water proof board with superior bonding qualities.
We use a combination or cork-rubber, traditionally used in truck engine gaskets and a top-grade rubber gristle making our soles very simple to re-sole. 

All press studs and eyelets are brass quality making them rust proof.